Back to School 2022 - Specials and Catalogues

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It's back to school time!

It's almost school time again! Your kid is probably feeling super excited but maybe also a little sad that the holidays are over. But there is plenty to look forward to, including new friends, new teachers, and new subjects to learn! To make this special time even more amazing for your little ones, you can start stocking up on school essentials early.

What is the most important back to school supplies?

There are several accessories and stationery items your little ones may need when going back to school. The most important one is a sturdy and ergonomically designed suitcase or backpack. With the right one, your kid can carry all other essentials with ease. Other important items include a pencil pouch, pencils and pens, a sharpener, a notebook, and highlighters. Some schools will provide a list of everything your kid needs for the new year.

How can you save on back-to-school essentials?

Buying all the new things your kid needs for school can be quite expensive. But luckily, most of the major grocery stores have back-to-school specials during the holidays. This allows you to shop before the new school year starts. The best way to find these specials is to look for catalogues online. You can browse your favourite store's specials and compare prices.
Once you've made the school supplies list and identified all the specials available, you can either take your kid on a fun shopping trip or buy everything and gift it as a surprise to your excited little one.

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