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Microwave-safe containers, storage solutions, drinking bottles and more. These are just a few Tupperware specials you can expect to find in the latest catalogue. Look forward to a new Tupperware catalogue each month. If you see items you like, make sure to contact an independent consultant in your area while stocks last.  In the Tupperware April 2024, there is something for everyone!

The current catalogue, Tupperware Specials, is valid from 03/03/2024 - 30/03/2024 and can be found here.

About Tupperware South Africa


It’s hard to imagine the existence of a South African cupboard without Tupperware, the plastic storage solution for homes and kitchens.  Tupperware has grown into an international brand, sold in more than 100 countries, and is even listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

Tupperware was invented by the American inventor, Earl Tupper, in the 1940s. During this time, the concept of plastic containers was still rather new. So, when Mr Tupper presented customers with the patented Tupper Seal in 1949, the idea just didn’t catch on. But a few years later, this all changed, when Brownie Wise presented the company with the now-famous “party” concept. The idea was so successful, that Tupperware proceeded to only sell their products through direct sales, or what is known today as “Tupperware parties”. Tupperware South Africa came into being in 1964, and today there are more than 250 000 consultants selling high-quality plastic products to friends and family, all from the Tupperware catalogue. 

Tupperware South Africa falls under the Miscellaneous category along with other stores such as Baby City, Toys R Us, PEP Stores, Baby Boom, Crazy Store, AutoZone, Edgars, Babies R Us, AliExpress and Sterns. To purchase their products, you need to contact an Independent Tupperware consultant. You can find a distributor near you, by using the map function on their website.

For more information, visit their website

What Tupperware South Africa offers


Tupperware wants to provide their customers with a solution for every kitchen need, whether it’s preparation, storage, or presentation.

  • What sets Tupperware apart from all other plastics providers, is that they offer a lifetime guarantee. Their products are durable, flexible and lightweight. However, should you notice defects in the product’s material or functionality after a few years of use, Tupperware South Africa will replace the product for you, free of charge. Read more about the terms and conditions of replacement here.
  • Reduce your usage of single-use plastics. Tupperware products are durable and long-lasting, which means you will be reusing your plastic containers for a long time, instead of buying new ones regularly. 
  • Keeping leftover food in Tupperware containers with its innovative seal technology, will keep food fresh for longer, and reduce food waste. By using these odourless and non-toxic plastic containers, you also reduce your usage of plastic wrap or other disposable food containers.  

If these products excite you, why not become a consultant yourself? Become your own boss, decide on your own working hours and join a group of passionate people. You can read more here.

You can find all the Tupperware specials in their latest catalogue Tupperware Specials.

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