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Easter brings joy to families around the world

Easter time is a period of celebration, hope and renewal. For millions of families around the world, it is a time of coming together and appreciating each other. Easter weekend consists of Good Friday, Palm Sunday, and Ascension Day, where families attend special church services, light candles, and feast over dinner. Kids look forward to welcoming the Easter bunny on either Sunday or Monday and enjoy going on Easter egg hunts.

Get ready for Easter 2022

Easter 2022 is around the corner and it is time to prepare. If you're planning on celebrating with friends and family, it is wise to do your shopping before Easter weekend, because many shops will either be closed or very busy. To avoid spending time in crowded malls, you can set up your shopping list and find the best Easter deals from the most popular shops, from the comfort of your home. This will help you to be prepared and planned for when the weekend arrives. You can use Kimbino to browse all the latest Easter specials catalogues from a large variety of stores. This allows you to find the best deals, compare prices and save more.
No matter if you're looking forward to a Good Friday dinner with your loved ones or planning an Easter bunny hunt for your kids, start preparing now to ensure Easter 2022 is one to remember!

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Easter attractions from around the world

  • Easter attractions from around the world
    During Easter, people in the UK devote 10% of their yearly spend to chocolate products. The most sweets are sold during this time every year.
  • Easter attractions from around the world
    Americans send out about 43 million Easter greetings to their family and friends each year - whether purchased or handmade.
  • Easter attractions from around the world
    Residents of Bermuda fly hand-made kites every year on Good Friday.
  • Easter attractions from around the world
    In Finland, children disguise themselves as witches and then walk the streets asking passers-by for eggs.
  • Easter attractions from around the world
    In Israel, where Jesus was allegedly crucified, people traditionally march on the same path that Jesus took on the day of the crucifixion.